Consulting includes a range of services: (1) clarification of organizational issues and barriers to effectiveness (2) interventions to increase effectiveness and efficiency (3) individual perfomance and career mentoring and coaching (4) programs to increase leadership capacity and effectiveness.

       Depending upon the nature of the issue, interventions could involve informal and/or formal assessment through interviews and instrumentation, problem solving sessions, workshops, retreats, periodic follow-up and coaching.

       Sometimes organizations are interested in enhancing their leadership capacity through a greater understanding of leadership concepts and practices. Dan has a particular interest and has researched servant leadership. He is co-developer of the Servant Leadership Questionnaire (SLQ) which can be used to assess present capacity as well as identify areas for development.   Servant leadership places a premium on serving as a pre-requisite to leadership something called for in today’s society. It has an ethical component not normally described in leadership concepts.  As described earlier, Dan can address many aspects and styles of leadership. He would be pleased to discuss any of these with you.  

       Although Dan’s primary focus is higher education, he has consulted with and provided workshops for other organizations including public schools. various non-profits, communities, and businesses.